Cute as a Button is a company dedicated to making every little girl feel like a pricncess, but at a price parents can afford! 

I started Cute as a Button Boutique after having my twin girls. 


When I found out that I was having identical twin girls I was so happy (Once the shock wore off) My head was instantly filled with images of matching pigatails, puff ball dresses and lots and lots of pink. 


This dream was short lived. After an overly excitable splurge in the childrens section of a well known department store and reality hit me hard! The clothes for the girls were expensive, especially with two! So I hit the Supermarket instead.


I am from a small town with one supermarket and I quickly became frustrated with seeing my girls in the same dresses as all the other children at playgroup. 


So I made it my mission to provide beautiful, good quality, clothing and accessories that don't come with the price tag. 

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